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In May of 2015 NiceCloud Mining started an offshore mining container hashrate delivery with Bitmain™. Bitmain machine transfer system together with our Electric utility company provides amazing hashrates for package purchase and container purchase.

NiceCloud Container Deployment in Stages

The NiceCloud Container is a purpose-built for cryptocurrency mining data center.

  • NiceCloud Containers are available for instant purchase and shipment. In addition to the Bitmain machine shipment, we will be issuing scheduled maintenace from Bitmain-chartered LNG carrier.
  • NiceCloud terminal in 80 countries already, the operation also showed the in the statistics box.

Modular Data Center

The NiceCloud Container is a purpose-built turnkey cryptocurrency mining data center. Custom-fabricated from a modified shipping container, The NiceCloud can host up to 280 Bitcoin miners while a state-of-the-art remote management system ensures that ideal conditions are sustained at all times.

Utilizing their experience mining cryptocurrency around the globe, the NiceCloud team has meticulously engineered every aspect of the Pod5ive to provide optimal operating conditions for Bitcoin miners. This purpose-built data center is designed for Bitcoin mining and features a remote management system that ensures ideal conditions are always maintained to maximize the hash rate of the enclosed digital currency miners.

We build, distribute, host, and support the most powerful cryptocurrency hardware in the market, creating a seamless experience for all clients. NiceCloud researches, develops, and builds state-of-the-art hardware to provide clients with the most advanced solutions and highest performance.

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